Block Chek™

Think you might have a blown head gasket?

Block-Chek™ is a complete combustion leak tester. There are no additional tools needed, and no need to tap into an engine vacuum source! Works with virtually any liquid-cooled internal combustion engine or generator with a closed cooling system including: gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas and other alternative fuels. Large, single-chamber design provides greater accuracy and uses less test fluid.
Blue OK - Yellow Combustion Leak It tests in seconds for:
  • Blown Head Gasket (BHG)
  • Cracked Head or Block
  • Pulled Bolts or Studs
  • Warped Sealing Surfaces
When Fluid Turns From
Combustion Leak is Present
Made in USA

Use Block-Check™ to aid diagnosis of:

  • Unexplained Engine Overheating
  • Loss of Coolant without Visible Leaks
  • White Smoke in Exhaust
  • Intermittant Check Engine Lights
  • Poor or Rough Idle
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